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Windows on our Partnership

Activity Learning Intention:


To offer a glimpse into the activities carried out during the BRIDGE Indonesian teacher visit to Australia in November 2023. By engaging in this task, BRIDGE educators will better understand the purpose of the BRIDGE program while connecting and learning from each other.

Activity Instructions:


BRIDGE is asking Indonesian educators, with assistance from their Australian partner, to work together to record and upload several videos (max 30-seconds) depicting your experiences during the in-country visit. This will include the homestay, school visit, debrief and cultural activities. The videos and captions will be compiled into a gallery for BRIDGE educators to browse and explore the perspectives of fellow BRIDGE program participants. You may use Bahasa Indonesia or English.

This task requires Indonesian educators, with assistance from their Australian partner, to:

  • Record a video or take some photos of something that aligns with each of the activity topics.

  • Upload your videos and photos to Microsoft Flip to create a short compilation video.

  • Add a written description to accompany your video.

  • Post your video on Microsoft Flip

Activity Platform:


Use Microsoft Flip to create 6 short videos (max 30 seconds). A mix of footage and experiences from both the homestay experience and debrief experience in Melbourne may be used. Indonesian educators are encouraged to record and upload a video each day and must complete all 6 videos before the conclusion of the in-country visit.

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